KBTU Endowment KF was established by the decision of the Board of Directors of KBTU JSC, Minutes No. 1 of 28 February 2018.

KBTU Endowment Corporate Fund is a non-profit organisation of Joint Stock Company “Kazakhstan-British Technical University”.

In its activities, the KBTU Endowment is guided by the objectives aimed at developing and promoting the educational, scientific, cultural, sporting and charitable environment of KBTU JSC.

The main activities of KBTU Endowment are: development and maintenance of the public sphere, allocation of grants/scholarships, expansion of the range of research and innovation works, opening of new projects, renewal of the library fund of KBTU JSC, publishing of monographs and textbooks, participation in international conferences, renewal of infrastructure, etc.


An organisation that attracts concerned, business and creative people from both the Kazakhstani and international community to carry out activities and projects aimed at social and economic prosperity of Kazakhstan-British Technical University and the Republic of Kazakhstan as a whole, through intellectual development of the nation, promotion of sports and healthy lifestyles, development of science and education, preservation of ecology, support of culture and traditions.

Values or principles

•Professionalism, responsibility and result-orientation are values that extend into all areas of the university.

•Academic Integrity – a commitment to principles that express the integrity of learners and academic staff and faculty in the educational process.

•Innovative and creative – creative, relevant, new thinking.

•Sustainable and consistent development – system development under conditions of uncertainty and challenges of the external environment.

• Preservation of traditions and continuity – long-term development of the university with preservation of best practices, standards of quality international education.

Purposes of the Corporate Fund

• development and assistance to JSC KBTU in the sphere of education, science, culture, sports, charity, entrepreneurship by organising charitable and sponsorship assistance;

• support of public, scientific educational, as well as infrastructural initiatives of KBTU JSC;

• development of cooperation with public, state and other organisations and institutions both in Kazakhstan and abroad in order to provide charitable and sponsorship assistance in the field of education, science, culture, sports, entrepreneurship;

• developing programmes and holding events aimed at uniting alumni, staff and students of KBTU;

• Assistance to organizations, including state and international ones, in developing and conducting activities and programmes in the field of education, science, culture, sport, art, entrepreneurship within the framework of charitable and sponsorship assistance

Our Sponsors:

1.To carry out repair and restoration works of the Round Hall of the Parliament House: 

  • ТОО «SRF-chemService» in the amount of 7,000,000 tenge (Contract No. 24-07/18 dated 24 July 2018)
  • TOO«Кумколь Транс Сервис» in the amount of 3,000,000 tenge (Contract No. 7-18-U-96 dated 25 July 2018)

2. For the participation of FIT students in the semifinals of the International Programming Olympiad ACM ICPC:

  • ТОО “BTS Digital” in the amount of KZT 3,000,000 (Contract No. N/DGT/18-13132 dated 23 November 2018)

3. As part of the Gold Partner package:

  • ТОО «BeInTech» in the amount of KZT 1,000,000 (Contract No. PIO/Oku/9 dated 06 November 2018)