Python это легкий путь, С++ сложный. Ток течёт по пути наименьшего сопротивления. Не будьте как ток, мы люди!
(с) Аманов.А

We are pleased to welcome you! In this address we would like to familiarise you with new initiatives of KBTU to support alumni relations, because at the moment the total number of alumni exceeds 8000. The university is growing, our alma mater has 10 schools and has 4,700 students. According to international ratings, KBTU is on the №1 place among technical universities of Kazakhstan. Since the first graduation 15 years have passed and a large number of graduates have achieved considerable career heights. KBTU is proud of all its graduates and would like the older generation to participate academically and financially in the upbringing and education of current students, support young graduates in their career endeavours, and participate in activities aimed at the development of the university. As part of this initiative, the KBTU Alumni Association and the KBTU Endowment Corporate Foundation were established to engage KBTU alumni, employees and students in active, mutually beneficial co-operation. We sincerely believe that every alumnus has the power to contribute to the common cause. Every alumnus is important to us, and our co-operation is built on the principle of inclusiveness, transparency and mutual benefit!


Team KBTU Endowment