Maintaining social ties between KBTU staff, students and alumni and financially supporting their alma mater in order to pass on knowledge and values to future generations.

Strategic development areas for 2022-2025

  • Creating transparency in the activities of the Foundation and accountability to all stakeholders, including the Board of Trustees, Founder, sponsors and patrons.
  • Raising awareness and involvement of both KBTU alumni and students and other socially active members of society in the activities of the Foundation.
  • Attracting sponsors, patrons and benefactors for donations and contributions for non-profit purposes to support the Foundation’s activities.
  • Conducting commercial and investment activities with the aim of increasing the volume of the Fund’s capital without financial gain in the form of dividends by the Fund’s employees and the Founder.
  • Sponsoring scientific and social projects and improving the infrastructure of KBTU to improve the quality of education.