Tesla show project

Сборы завершены
12 500 тг.
300 000 тг.

A unique opportunity to see the action of alternating current nearby. Lightning reduced by 30 times and AC music will make an impression.

  • A show that can attract pupils and students;
  • Its opening can be announced in the newspapers along with the university name;
  • Students can collaborate developing their lidership and communication skills working on this project;
  • The fee for the tickets can be introduced for the visitors of the zone with Tesla coils;
  • All schools of our city will be attracted, and their pupils are the future students;
  • The location can be marked in Google-Yandex maps that will serve as constant additional advertising of the university;
  • #teslashow Hashtag Tesla show Social Media Advertising.
1Белинский Дмитрий Вячеславович2 500 тг.
2Ахметова Дина А2 500 тг.
3Кошербаева Махпал Булатовна2 500 тг.
4Турсунгазы Дастан2 500 тг.
5Дворникова София Романовна2 500 тг.