Tesla show project

31 день до окончания сборов
15 000 тг.
300 000 тг.

A unique opportunity to see the action of alternating current nearby. Lightning reduced by 30 times and AC music will make an impression.

  • A show that can attract pupils and students;
  • Its opening can be announced in the newspapers along with the university name;
  • Students can collaborate developing their lidership and communication skills working on this project;
  • The fee for the tickets can be introduced for the visitors of the zone with Tesla coils;
  • All schools of our city will be attracted, and their pupils are the future students;
  • The location can be marked in Google-Yandex maps that will serve as constant additional advertising of the university;
  • #teslashow Hashtag Tesla show Social Media Advertising.
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Согласен(а) с договором оферты и обработкой моих персональных данных
1Белинский Дмитрий Вячеславович2 500 тг.
2Ахметова Дина А2 500 тг.
3Кошербаева Махпал Булатовна2 500 тг.
4Турсунгазы Дастан2 500 тг.
5Дворникова София Романовна2 500 тг.