The Viennese Ball 2023-2024

Сборы завершены
350 000 тг.
350 000 тг.

The Viennese Ball is a traditional event held in Venice during the ball season. Vienna Balls for UNESCO on the list of intangible cultural heritage. The largest ball since 1935 took place on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday at the Vienna State Opera. It is worth noting that the Vienna Ball is luxury, tradition, and beauty. Attending this event is like finding yourself in a fairy tale. The history of Viennese balls began in the 19th century: then, during the carnival season, more than 200 of them were held, and not only representatives of the nobility, but also ordinary people danced every evening. Of course, these were different events, since then the tradition of balls “according to professions” has been preserved. The season ended with a court ball, which soon became the main event in the entire empire; only high society was invited to it.

This event is planned to be held on the scale of the city of Almaty and all within the framework of the regulations of the Vienna Ball. In this way we will improve relations with Almaty universities. This event is planned and will be held for the first time, it should interest students. KBTU will be the main organizer and will receive cooperation with other universities, which will also provide media advertising. The debutants of the ball will be representatives of different universities, this will be a new experience of such a scale. And we want to give our students the opportunity to experience this atmosphere and create an event for KBTU during the ball season.

Венский балл:

1. Дебютанты: будут 120 пар, 240 человек. Билеты для них 10.000тг

2.На афтер пати: +200 человек +/-. БИЛЕТЫ: 3000-4000тг

3. Оркестр: ~100-150 тыс.

4. Помещение: 600-700 тыс.

5. Хореограф: 50-100 тыс.

6. Фотограф: 100-150 тыс.

7. Сувениры на память: 50тыс.

8. Фуршет/напитки: максимально по спонсорству, по бартеру

9. Дресс код для гостей: Классика-платья/свободный

10. Костюмы для дебютантов: Платья-костюмы обязательно!

11. Плей-лист/диджей:50000-70000